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We use a mixture of fixed fees and fees based on an hourly rate. Our hourly rate is $220.




We do not charge per line item in your tax return. 

The fee for your individual return will be as listed above, unless detailed calculations are required, for example if you have many shares requiring CGT calculations or investment register maintenance, or you have sold a rental property during the year. In these cases we will let you know that your fee may be higher, before we commence any work.

If you a have a company or trust that has very few transactions, the fee may be less than above as we charge by the hour. These prices are a general guide only.

The following prices are a listed as a guide:


Individual tax return

Rental property schedule per return

Sole trader (not registered for GST)

Sole trader (registered for GST)

Partnership (not registered for GST)

Partnership (registered for GST)

Company/Trust financial statements and tax returns

Capital gains tax or other detailed calculations




from $330

from $440

from $330

from $550


from $1500


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